Micro bubbles water Unique Features.

[1] Peroral oxygen therapy : oxygen enriched water, plenty of oxygenated water.


[2] Saves water ~ 40%

[3] Anion is the vitamin of the air. Natural anion effect and remove any debris perfectly as the bubbles burst into your skin and pores. scientifically referred to as the radical effect.

[5] Ultrasonic waves effect.


[6] Anti-bacterial effect,

[7] Environmentally, friendly energy source utilizing only water and air.
* The Micro bubbles differ from normal bubbles in properties, being made by special devices in the size below 50 microns(μm).



Micro bubble effect:


Users will enjoy a never before experienced bathing life with the foaming activated by the Micro bubbles'. Ultra-miniscule foams brings several  effects, such as  odor removal, keratin removal, skin aging prevention, fatigue restoration, helps in curing various skin troubles(atopy), asthma, bronchitis, and improves nervous system functions.


Anion effect:


Anion is found extensively around forests, waterfalls, fields, park fountains, and seashores, and people coming in contact with this aspect of nature sense immeasurable freshness and rest. As it eliminates any remaining chlorine and organic chemicals from the water, the multi-functional shower head can help alleviate allergy, rough skin, and unhealthy hair particles and provide a moisturized feeling for your skin. Anion actively promotes health sustainment activities. It purifies the human blood, and turns the acidifying blood into a weak alkaline. (Activates body metabolism and activates cell functions to promote fatigue recovery). It enhances the Nervous and endocrine systems, to promote hematosis. It improves bodily defense functions thus developing resistance against various types of infections. It improves bodily balance, and deny diseases from entering the body). Anion poses good influences on body fluids and  promote the functions of all organs and tissue. Also, Anion controls the balance of autonomic nerve and endocrine functions.


The deoxidizing, deodorizing and sterilizing functions of anion is used to prolong the freshness of fish, flowers, etc.


Lenard effect:


The Lenard effect is where the water collides intensely with the surface (waterfall, fountain) to project electrons from water  

molecules and attaches them to oxygen or carbon dioxide to produce negative ion, or anion. To produce anion, one can use the Lenard effect of waterfalls or the corona  discharge method produced by artificial electricity. The Micro Bubble Shower produces anion through the Lenard effect, producing negative ions (anion) that are identical to the natural anion of forests and waterfalls.