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We have developed  "Micro Bubble System", that can generate under 50 micron size bubbles in the water.

Our unique technology, in the world  !!


[1] Generate micro bubbles consistently. From one hour to one day, two days and so on.


[2] Bubble size is very very small. Under 50 micron. So, better effectiveness and faster effectiveness.

It can bring you anion effect and remove any debris perfectly, as the bubbles burst into your skin and pores.

You can feel the micro-bubble effect which brings a natural anion effect, scientifically referred to as the radical effect.


Three special functions of the micro-bubble shower system.


[1] Micro bubble effect 

[2] Anion effect (Lenard effect)
[3] Ultrasonic waves effect

What is micro bubble?

Micro-bubbles are very small bubbles than the normal foam, now it is discoverd that, these small bubbles have some special property which the large size bubbles doesn't have. Now people have thought to take advantage of special properties of these micro-bubbles which will be used in daily activities.

An environment-friendly energy source utilizing only water and air, the micro bubbles differ from normal bubbles in properties, being made in special devices in the size below 50 micron(μm).


Micro bubble effect:

The Micro bubbles are characterized by having electrical charges, which attract particles very efectively. Due to their large surface area volume ratio, micro bubbles can penetrate deeply into a surface for effective cleaning. This cleaning effect of micro bubbles is used in cleaning the inside of vegetables such as cabbage and radish sprout.

The Micro Bubble system produces anion through Lenard effect, producing negative ions (anions) that are identical to the natural anions of forests and waterfalls.

Anion provides electrons to free radicals to inhibit deoxidation of cells while providing over-production of the lethal free radicals. (Anion actively promotes health sustainment activities).

On a more personal level, the micro bubbles can penetrate deeply into skin for a good scrub without the need for any shampoo or soap. This skin treatment has been introduced within some spas as well as shops specializing in bathing pets. Needless to say, the baths are especially helpful for pets which have skin allergies to pet shampoos.
[1] Saves water - it saves up to 40% compared to normal shower heads.
[2] Enriches environmental system.
[3] Eliminates any remaining chlorine and organic chemicals from the water. Can help alleviate allergies, rough skin, and unhealthy hair particles, and provide a moisturized feel to the skin.
[4] No maintenance cost
[5] Silent
[6] No need electricity
Patents and Testing:
[1] Internationally patented and patented in many individual countries.
[2] PCT passed -Korea.
[3] Passed by Korea and Taiwan Environment & Water Works Institute.




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